Parkython Salon: Inaugural Edition

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We’ve posted the complete video for the inaugural edition of our engaging and interactive “Parkython Salon”, hosted via Zoom on June 27th, 2021. Parkython Salon is our attempt at a quarterly online discussion with Parkinson’s advocates, startups and other technology interests about the future of Parkinson’s and the power of technology to improve our quality of life, and bend the curve on the way to cure.

The session lasted 3 hours, and included several presentations and discussion as outlined below:

0:00 – Introduction to Parkython with the team (Rui Couto, Kevin Krejci and John Dean)
10:17 – Kevin Krejci, Fujitsu Research of America, discusses how he uses technologies to track his day-to-day living with Parkinson’s
28:32 – Lise Pape, cofounder of Walk With Path, developer of a shoe worn laser cueing device for freezing of gait as well as a smart shoe insole capable of capturing data and providing cueing via vibration.
47:50 – John M. Dean, speech language pathologist and cofounder of Triad Health, discusses best practices for using your voice as an interface for your computer, smart phone and smart speakers.
1:05:10 -Open Discussion with speakers and members of the audience.
1:13:22 – Parkinson’s advocate Werner Remmele discusses the launching of a new initiative, Digital Parkinson’s, the goal of disseminating information to the international Parkinson’s community about technologies for Parkinson’s.
1:33:35 – Lucy Jung, cofounder of Charco Neurotech, which makes a novel vibrotactile wearable device for focused vibrotactile stimulation, haptic cueing and other uses.
1:51:40 -Rui Couto, senior business information systems analyst at Inetum, discusses this conception of a unique dopamine-sensing wearable.
2:18:22 – Philipp Brunnbauer, Founder and CEO, MedEngine, who has developed the Flytta Watch, and elegant wrist worn wearable that passively monitors motor symptoms. It is paired with the Flytta App to actively capture non-motor symptoms.
2:39:55 -Richard Underwood, a.k.a. the “Rickety Warrior”, is a Parkinson’s advocate, speaker and mentor and is an active member of the “PD Avengers” initiative. He is speaking about the “patient experience” and his perspective about the future for Parkinson’s.
2:55:20 – Richelle Flanagan, registered dietitian, Parkinson’s advocate and cofounder of the Woman Parkinson’s Project leads a discussion titled “The birds and the bees and PD” on women’s health in Parkinson’s care and research.
3:19:00 – Closing remarks and thank yous.


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