Richelle Flanagan and her team won the DayOne Health Hack 2021

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We are very happy to hear that our friend and fellow Ambassador to the World Parkinson Coalition, Richelle Flanagan and her team, were winners of the DayOne Health Hack for 2021! A registered dietician who was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease (YOPD), Richelle is a trailblazing entrepreneur, founding member of the PD Avengers, and the co-founder of the Women’s Parkinson’s project. Congratulations to Richelle and team!!

Their project “My Moves Matter” started with an idea to track the fluctuation of PD symptoms during the menstrual cycle with the help of technology. Learn more about it in her interview with DayOne:

Richelle presented in our recent Parkython Salon in June of 2021:

2:55:20 – Richelle Flanagan, registered dietitian, Parkinson’s advocate and cofounder of the Woman Parkinson’s Project leads a discussion titled “The birds and the bees and PD” on women’s health in Parkinson’s care and research.

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