Parkython Webinar Series: Neuropath

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We’ve posted our latest webinar to YouTube, featuring demos by startup Neuropath and our freewheeling discussion with their CEO, Benoit Tas and their board member and Healthcare Executive, Kevin Donnelly, about their vision for empowering People with Parkinson’s (PwP).

NeuroPath is a European startup with a significant (and growing) presence in the US. They are building a set of tools to help PwPs keep track of and manage various aspects of their day-to-day life and communicate that information with their healthcare providers. Their approach is very holistic, tracking motor symptoms, non-motor symptoms and Quality of Life (QoL). They are working with all the stakeholders from PwPs to caregivers to researchers leveraging a variety of existing and home-grown technologies including marker-less motion capture, QoL surveys, wearables, voice detection, medication schedules, and life-style data. Their interfaces display tailored dashboards for the inter-disciplinary stakeholders. Using AI, data is then analyzed and transformed into objective parameters of disease progression to create insights into care path adherence, treatment results, drug efficacy and personalized care that can be shared with all stakeholders.


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