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Parkython [Par-key-thon] is an initiative to catalyze the development of better technology-based solutions for People with Parkinson’s (PwP). Through a series of webinars, virtual meetups, salons, opportunities at the World Parkinson Congress 2022 (WPC), and a global hackathon in 2023, Parkython aims to bring members of the global Parkinson’s community together with developers, designers and other creatives to develop solutions for PwP, with PwP. The goals of Parkython include: Connect PwP with ideas to developers and makers who can help them realize those ideas. Introduce PwP to existing and emerging technologies that can already improve their quality of life. Connect innovative startups with the larger Parkinson’s community so they can get relevant, timely feedback directly from the people who need their solutions the most, and participate in related events. The Team: Rui Couto – Technical Consultant at Inetum, a consulting affiliate of SAP, and current WPC Ambassador Kevin Krejci – Business Development and Alliance Manager at Fujitsu Labs in Silicon Valley, and 2016 WPC Ambassador John Dean Startup founder, speech-language pathologist specializing in Parkinson’s, advocate and volunteer at previous and upcoming WPC events Website Home


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