Living with DBS

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Living with DBS

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a tool that some individuals living with Parkinson’s rely upon to improve their quality of life. While it’s not a cure, #DBS can provide a range of benefits for individuals with Parkinson’s. However, in many cases, individuals don’t play an active role in how their DBS can be best used to target their specific problems.

Parkython member Mark McAuley learned firsthand the importance of getting the right DBS settings to improve its benefits. Working closely with his medical team, he contributed to identifying therapeutically beneficial settings and learned a few lessons along the way.

Living with Deep Brain Stimulation

We had a lively discussion as Mark as he discussed his proactive approach to DBS programming, joined by Heather Kennedy, who discussed her own experience with DBS. The group also included Prof Madeleine Lowery, an expert in DBS from the University College of Dublin as well as members of the Parkython team

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